Episode 09 Certifications
Episodes Episode 09 Certifications
By The K Files Team 25 October 2020

We dig down into how the CKA Kubernetes certification looks and feels, and what value certifications bring our industry (hint: it’s a lot on balance).

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Episode 08 Service Mesh Wrap Up
Episodes Episode 08 Service Mesh Wrap Up
By The K Files Team 31 August 2020

HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc0000cb400-1-HBHB Transcript Note - unlike other show notes, for this wrap-up episode we decided to provide a quick summary of our takes on the different service meshes we investigated

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Episode 07 Linkerd
Episodes Episode 07 Linkerd
By The K Files Team 16 August 2020

In episode 7, we dig into Linkerd’s feature set as well as its place in the larger service mesh ecosystem.

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Episode 06 Istio
Episodes Episode 06 Istio
By The K Files Team 30 March 2020

In our second episode on service meshes, we start to peel back the layers of complexity and myth around Istio.

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