Episode 01 Hello From the K Files

By The K Files Team 12 January 2020
Episode 01 Hello From the K Files

In our first episode we cover some interesting news of the day, as well as some of our personal highlights around recent KubeCon and re:Invent conferences. Here’s what we talked about (more or less).


Visit from the Technical Difficulty Gremlin
Jamie had some mic issues that are resolved after this episode. We’re so sorry he sounds like he was recording from an airplane bathroom at 34,000 feet!

Show Notes

  • At their North America VMWorld conference, VMWare mentioned that their Project Pacific could deliver up to 8% faster performance in VMs than on bare metal. After some belly-laughs and confusion, here is some clarification.
  • An increasing number of Ops professionals have only administered cloud infrastructure. They’ve never operated in an environment that had to account for cabling, racking, cooling, and power budgets.
  • In Kubernetes 1.17, the Service Topology capability allows you to route traffic based on your cluster topology like rack, availability zone, etc.
  • A fun discussion around “Controllers vs. Operators”, and where to use which term when. A ton of links around this are on the internet. A personal favorite is from Josh Rosso
  • The attendee statistics for KubeCon 2019 North America are pretty amazing.
  • The Kubernetes Community takes inclusiveness very seriously.
  • The Heirachical Namespace Controller could change how we think about tenancy inside Kubernetes.
  • John’s dislike of Docker, Inc. may well know no bounds
  • Amazon’s Global Accelerator brings your traffic into their internet, and back to par with the other hyperscale providers.
  • Whatever happened to kubevirt?
  • Being a shadow on the Kubernetes sig-release team could be cool!
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