Episode 10 Helm and Kustomize Compared

By The K Files Team 14 November 2020
Episode 10 Helm and Kustomize Compared

In episode 10 we discuss the helm and kustomize automation tools. We start the conversation thinking that one is an evolution of the other, but we don’t end up that way. We were all a little surprised at where we ended up for Episode 10. We hope you are, too.


Our biggest connection is that helm and kustomize don’t solve exactly the same problem. Most of the reading you do out on the internet compares them in a direct way. We started there. But we didn’t end up there.

Kustomize is designed to deploy applications and artifacts when everyone is collaborating via version control. But that’s not always the case. And that’s where helm comes into play.

When you need to distribute you application in a more packaged manager to end users or to co-workers who don’t have access to your version control, helm is the best tool that we’ve discovered so far.

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